Eat Festive Cold

EatFestive (Cold Buffet)

EatFestive (Cold Buffet)

EatFestive (Cold Buffet)


(Minimum 20 People)

Selection of Individually Wrapped Sandwiches Served in Freshly Baked Bread

Home Roasted Turkey & Sage Stuffing

Yorkshire Brie & Crushed Chestnuts with Seasonal Chutney (v)

Smoked Salmon & Lemon Cream Cheese

Selection of Freshly Baked Breads and a Selection of Homemade Dips

Selection of Mixed Fresh Salads

Chilled Carbonara Pasta with Peppered Rocket Salad

Couscous with Greek Feta Cheese & Black Olive (v)

Fresh Garden Salad with House Dressing (v)

From the Deli

Homemade Sage & Onion Scotch Eggs

Chilled Baby Yorkshire Puddings with Yorkshire Goats Cheese & Sweet Red Onion (v)

Charred Chicken Wings with Smokey BBQ Sauce


Baby Mince Pies & Chantilly Cream

Fresh Market Fruit Salad (v)

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